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Encyclopedic knowledgeSome weeks later or months after the beginningtraining to reading and the account the constructed is added MOST POPULAR TECHNIQUES OF EDUCATIONsimilar to the program on encyclopedic knowledge.Series of cards include knowledge from the variousscience areas.Here it is even not important, that the childremembered a large number of information, after all,buying the encyclopedia, we too do not read itfrom cover to cover.Studyin the kid develops the brain, analyzesobjects, and also as the real scientist, does conclusionsalso finds regularities.Lessons do not borrowit is a lot of time, though demand organization.

In notI know

In I do not know for a science protogenic chaos, rozhdescientific research institute of the new thoughts which are more and more close to truth.In notI know for the mind which has not been tempted in scientific thinking painful emptiness.I want to teach to understand and love this marvelous, fulllife and the brightest surprises the creative I do not knowmodern science about the child.I want, that understood any book, any doctorwill not replace own sharpsighted thought and attentivesupervision.It is often possible to meet opinion that motherhood obla the woman that only as mother it ripensspiritually.Yes, the motherhood puts fiery letters in , the parties covering all external and internally the world, but they can and be not noticed, cowardly to removein the far future or to be indignant that it is impossible to buy themdecision.

Thus, if the child

Or it is for a start simple to show, how it is possible to play, zadey other participant the child or the adult that the kid received possibility to observe game from outside.When the child will learn to play this game, it is possible to suggest to exchange roles.Thus, if the child yet does not use active speech, the adult can to make comments on a game course, even in that case when the child manages an active role.Tritatushki three thatthat! Purpose development of emotional communication of the child with the adult, adjustment contact.

They and in life

– The most widespread parental ban is a ban on kompyyuterny games browsers.They are played by one child or some children.In such game it is necessary to overcome different obstacles to pass from level to level.Parents consider that it is harmful game and forbid it.It really harmful Also that in it it is harmful – I see that children very much aspire to such games.They and in life everything vre creep, jump, something overcome, somewhere clamber.It is useful for their physical development.

From here

Aspiring to unanimity of views on the child, someconsider it as an organism quickly getting tired.From here big need for a dream, weak soprotivlyaebridge to diseases, vulnerability of bodies, the small mentalendurance.The look is correct and not for all stagesdevelopments.The child happens alternately that stron baud eye and cheerful, weak, tired and gloomy.If he falls ill during the critical period, we are inclinedto think that its organism was already undermined by an illness; II consider that the illness developed because of the fleetingeasing that or it hid and waited mostfavorable conditions for attack, or, casuallybrought from the outside, , without having met soprotivleniye.

Ran on a path

Present that you have beautiful yellow boots.Let's put on boots! show, how it is possible to simulate movements of putting on of boots All allocate boots well ! And now listen attentively and repeat for me movements.Ran on a path Yellow boots.Yellow boots At kids on legs.easy run Our legs were tired, Ran on a path.Let's stroke our legs easy poglazhivaniye of feet palms Also we will have a rest a little bit.quietly to lay down on a back and to have a rest Hlopyshlyopy Purpose development of imitation movements of hands of the adult; training to ability quickly to be switched from one movement to another; development of understanding of speech.

When we will

But it depends already on behavior of the person in this process – naskolto it to it does not resist, understands and participates in it all the forces.In my opinion, an exit from physical contact in contact virtual and egoistical, and then transformation egoistical virtual the game a step in altruistic, integrated, will lead us to absolutely other condition.When we will really gradually lose feeling nezhivy, vegetative fauna and we will pass to a condition where all will define energy, information, our thoughts and desires, and at all comfort of my animal body.It is the following stage of development of mankind.

At emergence

Contact the pediatrist for obtaining recommendations.Call the doctor.Call the doctor if your child has symptoms of a burn, even the minimum.The pediatrist will tell about the correct care of the damaged surface of skin.If on skin of the kid there were the bubbles filled with liquid, or signs of infection of the burned surface, contact the doctor immediately.Degree of a burn dictates approaches to its treatment.At emergence of heavy burns serious treatment in burn office of children's hospital or in the burn center is required.Operation on skin transplantation can be demanded.

Scientists declared

P.TyulenevEarlier than to go.The second half of the XX century time surprisingopening which allow to make practicallyany ordinary child especially developed and presented.Scientists declared that possibilitiesthan children is much wider, than it is considered to be.Howeverthese statements seemed too exaggerated.And now opponents of such approach doubtin that ripened need in sointensive development, besides, opponents speak,this system exists quite recently and to speakabout results still very much early.Nevertheless some researchers continueto argue that in each child the original is latenttalent.

Such people

From people with a patching right hemisphere fine writers and speakers turn out if only they manage to learn to express verbally the fancies and strong feelings.The left hemisphere is more soriyentirovano for work with words.The person with prevalence of the left hemisphere differs knacks for grammar and work with a word.Such people are usually organized and implicitly follow indications of the administration even welcome them!.The person with prevalence of the right hemisphere is intuitive, it follows only to the benevolent management and only if trusts the head and understands his motives and the purpose.It is trained through visions, preferring schedules, schemes, slides and other visual aids to lectures and articles of textbooks.

It can constrain

His consciousness grows.The child well understands that it the independent figure which is not a part of other subject or the person.The child starts to feel the sizes of the body.You notice that at the kidcontrol over emotions increased.It can constrain the feelings in the presence of strangers.If you select at it a toy, he can protest.It is natural that the child shows the identity more brightly.It grows and opens before us the personal qualities.Lexicon and understanding of words The child learns words as symbols of objects.

I do not see a difference

The tutor should be the director director of this process, and in dynamics.Constantly it to operate.– Children should feel, what the tutor is at these two levels – Yes.They should understand that he, of course, together with them, but knows and on more them.I do not see a difference between a role of the teacher, the tutor, the instructor and the professional which regulates behavior of masses, crowd, operates the general stvo, the people, mankind.It, in principle, same specialty.

If it was not possible

The pediatrist can recommend application of strong anesthetizing preparations for reduction of a pain syndrome and stabilization of the general condition.When involving in inflammatory process of small eggs the pediatrist can recommend application of hormonal preparations, such, as a cortisone.If it was not possible to prevent disease emergence, it should proceed in usual sequence.The child should gain the natural immunity protecting it from the subsequent infections with infectious parotitis.Infectious diseases of the top respiratory ways That this such.

Since the birth

Development of nonverbal hearing Nonverbal physical hearing this catching and differentiation various sounds of world around except sounds of human speech, distinction sounds on loudness, and also definition of a source and the sound direction.Since the birth of the child surround various sounds noise of a rain, miaow of a cat, beeps of cars, music, human speech.Small child hears only loud sounds, but auditory acuity quickly amplifies.At the same time he starts to distinguish sounds on a sounding timbre.

More often

Parents begin to rush about from the teacher to the teacher I from the grandfather left, I from the grandmother left, from you, gray wolf.It is good still if is where to be thrown.They look for that, who will wave a magic wand and there will be a miracle the child will start talking.But the miracle does not occur.More often parents hear fatal, killing any hope a word we do not train.What after all to do With what to begin Though it is bad, and late, but it already starts to speak itself, and everything understands why he is not trainee So than to be guided What books And if started to speak, and then became silent And if to it already and it even the name not As with all this to consult First of all to be reserved by patience.

If notice

It will prevent to take away from you a spoon while you bring it to a mouth of the child! Every week enter mashed potatoes from new vegetable or fruit.If notice allergic reaction to any product, immediately stop to give it to the kid.Offer the child tablespoons for one feedin daily on twice a day.Over time increase quantity of mashed potatoes to tablespoons for one feeding.If the child does not like any dish, postpone its introduction for some days, and then offer it again.At refusal of a new dish return to old, and then begin all over again.Choice of juice.Choosing juice for the child, prefer the juice containing big of vitamin C.

For whatever

The nature enclosed in plants mysterious energy of growth.Exclude the word when from the lexicon! When will come itself, and its approach entirely depends on that you do today, now, at present.For whatever the heroic effort was made by the teacher, as though it was it is diligent and talented – without the most active parental help to it not to consult.All skills demanding an operating time of automatism, need in to persistent trainin and if your child only two times a week at a lesson fulfills a pronunciation of sounds, syllables, words, good result it is possible and not to wait.Everything that becomes occasionally, does not leave strong traces.

Check degree

It can hold in each hand in a subject.If there is a desire to take the third toy, the kid tries to make it a mouth.Check degree of a tension of seat belts of a children's automobile seat.The child grew up, therefore it can be necessary to increase length of belts.Regularly examine a condition of a children's automobile seat and degree of a tension of seat belts.During walking the kid can bear a toy.It seems to the child that the toy from which it goes to travel, can support to it.At this stage of walking there are difficulties in overcoming of corners and in a stop during movement.

School council

It would not want to me to come back to the person who shouts at me, and to you Then I with horror observed, how adults stuffed children with a plentiful sweet dessert.It is sure that in the evening of the boy simply did not know where to put energy.Under the influence of sugar their sensitive nervous system should force to break them all records on a hyperactivity.School council of Los Angeles in August, voted for a ban of sale of all aerated drinks and unhealthy food, like chips and popcorn, in school buffets.Each parent can try to initiate similar measures at any school.

We invite

Ten years' boys and girls, their fortyyear parents and even grandfathers and grandmothers can be these tutors.All will study.For those who after passing of this television course, we will allow threemonths, will want to study further, there is a possibility to become professiothe nalny tutor.We invite them.They come to interview.We look, how they absorbed, absorbed in itself, acquired elements, and the main thin spirit! We feel, how they can cooperate with people, in particular, with children.

The child

The child with a foreign matter in a nose or an ear loses rest and becomes painfully raised.AS the CHILD FOR the th WEEK MATUREDDEVELOPMENT STAGES ON the th WEEK of Change in the child which you can notice Physical development surely costs, has one foot before another Sense organs and reflexes can scrape on a toy one finger Intellectual development understands simple instructions negatively swings the head if it is not agrees with something studies a subject from all directions, feels tridimentionality of space Social development Each kid does not like to be in limited space is individual and can carry out some actions earlier or later, than it is done by other children.

But after

The simplest to grip a pencil and to strike it on to paper anyhow.Parents cannot understand, why the child does not understand that to them, to parents, it seems abundantly clear.But after all even the simplest action can be spread out to elements making it.And if we want, that the child could execute what we from it demand, first to us it is necessary to achieve from it accurate mastering of each of components.To lace up a boot, at which holes on on everyone to the party, it is necessary to make small actions.If you is consecutive will train the child in the separate actions, every time accurately them fixing and passing to the following only after it seized previous, you should not lace up all life to it boots.

Bees buzzed

Big branches of a tree expanded over a surface of the earth and gave the chance sprout to herbs.In a shadow of branches moisture collected and gave the chance to herbs to live.The tree blossomed.Thousand small inhabitants of the desert were flied to it.Birds found shelter in its branches and twisted there nests.Bees buzzed over its flowers and collected pollen.The place was all.From flowers there were apples.They were poured and gave food and shelter from scorching beams of the sun to those who in the desert.

If I a cat fly or the book. flies

It is possible

He creeps, moves, adhering for furniture, and starts to go independently.It is possible that the confidence when walking happens only during those moments when adults hold the kid by a hand.It seems that the kid never will get tired and some days in a row will go.If you have a children's tricycle, the kid will be very glad, when you plant it on a seat and will a little take for a drive.WHAT the NEW OCCURRED ON the th WEEK If you started to work If you started to work out of door, try not to destroy close relations with the kid.

The adult

The adult explains a task Now I will call toys, and you attentively listen, try to find a toy which I called, and give it to me.This task can be complicated in the following directions To increase a set of toys beginning from , besides toys to use various subjects; words names of toys can become complicated, be similar on sound to structure in the beginning it is necessary to select toys with simple names, sharply excellent on sound structure; To call any toys and subjects in a room, in distant in all apartment; to change force of a voice to say instruction words in a whisper to increase distance between the child and you; to say words because of a screen.

To introduce

AS the CHILD FOR the th WEEK MATUREDThe child well understands that the Child well realizes such good and bad behavior that such bad and good behavior.It draws to itselfhimself attention of adults good behavior.The naughty and feeling the guilt child can start to hide from adults.To introduce amendments in behavior of the child follows only when it is really necessary.It is not necessary to straighten out the child constantly.Frequent reproaches in bad behavior quickly become habitual for the kid and lose educational force.If the child is excessively active From time to time children endure activity peaks.

And it is concrete

Having mentally grouped a number of fruits, to allocate from them fruits with peel a task difficult.And on a question where flowers, Grisha first grow answers behind the house, at an arbor, meaning giving on which lives in the summer.Means, they grow at a dacha And it is concrete at an arbor so, whether that And Grisha specifies generally flowers grow in the wood, on a clearin in park, in to garden.And it is concrete on a bed, at a fence, along a path.Specifically we included a word in the use long ago and not casually.

The same it is possible

Everything that is less than it, has no value.I speak about great secret, Which cannot be realized mind.But your heart already knows it.Listen to it.Your awakening is connected With awakening of your child.This same.The same it is possible to tell concerning the whole world,It is necessary to waken to Only one person,'Guess, who itHaving opened eyes, you find ability to see that was before you and earlier.Having opened the heart,You find possibility to feel that,That was true always.We try to teach to think you heart,It is only capable to comprehend the eternal nature of things.

The fine sense

Andersen's swineherd.The fine sense of this fairy tale is clear only to the adult reader, and all the same it remains charmin surprisingly the graceful fairy tale for children.They will listen excitedly how lived on light prince.There was it lonely and wanted to marry.It sends kapto the carved princess good gifts a rose and a nightingale, then makes magic pot with jingles and a musical graggers.Magic the pot to us already met the porridge which has filled in all street.And this still more interestingly you will take a hand over steam, and it becomes known that Grisha ate for a breakfast also that Vanya had for a dinner.

Besides, at this

It is necessaryto have patience and not to disturb the child, howevernot to forget to watch its safety thatespecially actually.Besides, at this agechildren are often frightened unfamiliar subjects, whichsuddenly start to move or publish the loudthe sound for example, the opened umbrella or is included Family lessons of doctor Spock vacuum cleaner foot.It is best of all to protect the kid from the suchunexpected impressions.At the age of one year the child is a little mistrustfulalso it is suspicious in relation to the unfamiliarto people.

Cecile LupanBelieve

Cecile LupanBelieve in the childThe one who since the birththe baby looks at it as onalready developed human beinit is a lot of and accurately talkswith it who treats theto the child yours faithfully, encourages itthe slightest effort, induces the kidto ask questions and with enthusiasmanswers them such personalready made the main thing.S.LupanHouse pedagogicsThe books of parents telling about education of thechildren the phenomenon unique, though quite naturalwho knows about desires and abilities betterkid That induces loving mothers and fathersto take up the pen, describing own opening in the familytraining Certainly, love to all children,feeling of empathy with parents, which orhave some difficulties with education,or face a problem for the first time.

I drew geometrical

This sacrament was similar to attempts to find treasure, comparing key fragments.I drew geometrical figures, mysterious images, numbers and phrases.Then the voice prompted to me to look at the TV screen.Generally we watch TV quite seldom, but Brian just included it in that moment to learn evening news.When I looked at the screen, there showed advertizing with a slogan Manage to see the world in a new way See the World in a Whole New Way.Having looked at the sleeping daughter, I copied this phrase on a sheet of paper and continued records, lying in front of the TV.

This nickname

Mischa nicknamed Shanti the small sorcerer it was shortly after all of us together watched the film about Harry Potter.This nickname very much went to the inquisitive baby with wise which Mischa called eyes planets.Mischa solemnly handed over to our little girl a marker and spoke Well, wave the magic wand, looking at me the big dark blue worlds, small kollldunya! Even the grandfather Bob agreed that this nickname surprisingly precisely characterizes our baby.During a dinner our conversation continually came back to a subject of children psychics.


Occupations with children For children of years it is necessary to complicate games.Children carry out actions at more difficult level.For example, they string on a core ringlets not only primary colors, but also their light and dark shades.At this age interest sets of geometrical forms cause, mosaics for a vykladyvaniye of simple patterns, various board games which form an eye estimation, coordination of movements of hands.Children start to use independently simple desktop and printing games which allow to keep attention playing on interesting and available to a didactic game task, to carry out game actions and to check themselves and others without intervention of the adult it can be various lottos, children's dominoes, games with pictures.

There is it first

Therefore the majority of parents of Indigo children come to confusion when to them offer difficult methods of natural treatment of DV and DVGA.But it still halftroubles.DVGA deficiency of attention and a hyperactivity.Besides that owing to reception of medicines Indigo children lose spiritual gifts and the special purpose of the life they gain tendency to the use of drugs.There is it first of all they aspire to get rid of alarm and concern.On the other hand, sending the child in a school firstaid post a zadnevny dose , ourselves push it a way.

And if, passing

I too not I catch.And if, passing test at receipt in school, on a question, than it differs from Buratino, Grisha answers that Buratino has a hat with brush, and it, Grisha, has no such hat, for it, for his age considering Down syndrome existence to answer so much it is more natural, than to tell I am the live person, and Buratino only a wooden doll.He does not understand that for a difference the teacher, and yet in a condition means to find the most essential differences.If, despite all efforts, the child does not cope with a task, to understand, to remember, cannot draw, leave him alone.

As competitions

The competitive method of conducting exercises can be applied to boys.Such method makes active children, stimulates their initiative, induces to make a task as it is possible better, accustoms to show strongwilled efforts and commitment.As competitions demand from children of complete return of forces, they can lead to overexcitation, especially at the wrong organization.Therefore it is not necessary to be fond of this method excessively it is applied mainly only at the advanced preschool age.As girls in life have other tasks, it is not necessary to accustom them to superiority and competitions.Then in private life they will have a possibility to keep the female organism.

For example, at selection

The following word birdie.At whom a bird Nobody raises a hand.Where bird Who will find it Here a birdie, at Dima! Dima, raise a hand.Etc.Further it is possible to carry out this game on subjects, for example Toys, Clothes, Animals, etc.Thus the material for game is necessary for selecting so, that he was familiar to children from daily experience, books, animated films.For example, at selection of pictures on the subject Animals the preference is given those animal whom the child faces in an everyday life about which knows from fairy tales a cat, a do a cow, a fox, a hare, a wolf.And here acquaintance with more rare, exotic animals for example crocodile, turtle, penguin, seal, etc.

For this

With pleasure carry out various figurative roles for example, represent horses, hares, birdies, their habits, movement.The content of game gradually extends.For example, playing a train, at stops children at first only walk, and further run and hide from rain.With children of years it is possible to complicate game conditions.It is especially good, when some children take part in game.For this purpose it is possible to connect neighbors or friends.Now with your help children before the beginning of horovodny game form the general circle, holding hands, agree with other adult who will carry out this or that role and what places it is necessary to borrow in a room to begin game.

But it will

As we are often similar to the child when it, having fastenedto cat the bow, treats it to a pear, the carat let's have a look tinka also is surprised that the scoundrel wants tactfully uliz or, having despaired, will scratch!On a visit the child would like to look, as otkrythe box which costs on a podzerkalnik, and that is howledthere shines in a corner, and whether is in the big book of the picture,it would be desirable to catch a goldfish and to eat it is a lot ofchocolates.But it will give out nothing the desires, after allit is ugly.Let's go home hurries badly brought up rebenok.To it promised an entertainment tags, fireworks, performance,he waited and was disappointed.

The organism

It should be noted that during pregnancy the child chose a large number of minerals from a parent organism.Many women in the last trimester have problems with bones, especially pelvic area.The organism lost a lot of calcium.Doctors do not advise it to fill up, as it is considered that the skull of the child early becomes rigid and it will be difficult to it to pass through patrimonial ways.Now for production of milk calcium is necessary in big doses.There is a lot of it in sea fish, cottage cheese and dairy products.

Means, children

Smallthe seller of newspapers or the errand boy rush with might and mainonly first quickly learn to measure efforts, races kladyvy them for the whole day.The child does not play dolls,to which should nurse the baby; on the contrary, runsfrom an unpleasant duty.Means, children do not like to work Work of children of poor peopleit is utilitarian, does not bring up, it is not calculated on their forces individual tendencies.It would be ridiculous vyda life of poor children for an example for imitationand here boredom, winter boredom of a close hovel and summer yard or roadside ditch, boredom only and otherto form.

We read together

We read together Joint reading is a remarkable way of training of the child and rapprochement with it.During reading you show language rhythms and intonations.At the same time when reading you are in th WEEKDEVELOPMENT STAGES ON the th WEEK of Change in the child which you can notice Physical development lying on a back, grasps own feet and plays with them Sense organs and reflexes Intellectual development easily copes with subjects and toys shows various emotions, such as satisfaction, the discontent, sometimes even shows character can show sharp temper Social development babbles with pleasure turns the head aside, from where hears the name Each kid it is individual and can carry out some actions earlier or later, than it is done by other children.


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