And if, passing

And if, passing I too not I catch.

And if, passing test at receipt in school, on a question, than it differs from Buratino, Grisha answers that Buratino has a hat with brush, and it, Grisha, has no such hat, for it, for his age considering Down syndrome existence to answer so much it is more natural, than to tell I am the live person, and Buratino only a wooden doll.

He does not understand that for a difference the teacher, and yet in a condition means to find the most essential differences.

If, despite all efforts, the child does not cope with a task, to understand, to remember, cannot draw, leave him alone.

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As competitions

As competitions The competitive method of conducting exercises can be applied to boys.

Such method makes active children, stimulates their initiative, induces to make a task as it is possible better, accustoms to show strongwilled efforts and commitment.

As competitions demand from children of complete return of forces, they can lead to overexcitation, especially at the wrong organization.

Therefore it is not necessary to be fond of this method excessively it is applied mainly only at the advanced preschool age.

As girls in life have other tasks, it is not necessary to accustom them to superiority and competitions.

Then in private life they will have a possibility to keep the female organism.

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For example, at selection

For example, at selection The following word birdie.

At whom a bird Nobody raises a hand.

Where bird Who will find it Here a birdie, at Dima! Dima, raise a hand.


Further it is possible to carry out this game on subjects, for example Toys, Clothes, Animals, etc.

Thus the material for game is necessary for selecting so, that he was familiar to children from daily experience, books, animated films.

For example, at selection of pictures on the subject Animals the preference is given those animal whom the child faces in an everyday life about which knows from fairy tales a cat, a do a cow, a fox, a hare, a wolf.

And here acquaintance with more rare, exotic animals for example crocodile, turtle, penguin, seal, etc.

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For this

For thisWith pleasure carry out various figurative roles for example, represent horses, hares, birdies, their habits, movement.

The content of game gradually extends.

For example, playing a train, at stops children at first only walk, and further run and hide from rain.

With children of years it is possible to complicate game conditions.

It is especially good, when some children take part in game.

For this purpose it is possible to connect neighbors or friends.

Now with your help children before the beginning of horovodny game form the general circle, holding hands, agree with other adult who will carry out this or that role and what places it is necessary to borrow in a room to begin game.

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But it will

But it willAs we are often similar to the child when it, having fastenedto cat the bow, treats it to a pear, the carat let's have a look tinka also is surprised that the scoundrel wants tactfully uliz or, having despaired, will scratch!On a visit the child would like to look, as otkrythe box which costs on a podzerkalnik, and that is howledthere shines in a corner, and whether is in the big book of the picture,it would be desirable to catch a goldfish and to eat it is a lot ofchocolates.

But it will give out nothing the desires, after allit is ugly.

Let's go home hurries badly brought up rebenok.

To it promised an entertainment tags, fireworks, performance,he waited and was disappointed.

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The organism

The organism It should be noted that during pregnancy the child chose a large number of minerals from a parent organism.

Many women in the last trimester have problems with bones, especially pelvic area.

The organism lost a lot of calcium.

Doctors do not advise it to fill up, as it is considered that the skull of the child early becomes rigid and it will be difficult to it to pass through patrimonial ways.

Now for production of milk calcium is necessary in big doses.

There is a lot of it in sea fish, cottage cheese and dairy products.

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