Besides, at this

Besides, at this It is necessaryto have patience and not to disturb the child, howevernot to forget to watch its safety thatespecially actually.

Besides, at this agechildren are often frightened unfamiliar subjects, whichsuddenly start to move or publish the loudthe sound for example, the opened umbrella or is included Family lessons of doctor Spock vacuum cleaner foot.

It is best of all to protect the kid from the suchunexpected impressions.

At the age of one year the child is a little mistrustfulalso it is suspicious in relation to the unfamiliarto people.

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Cecile LupanBelieve

Cecile LupanBelieveCecile LupanBelieve in the childThe one who since the birththe baby looks at it as onalready developed human beinit is a lot of and accurately talkswith it who treats theto the child yours faithfully, encourages itthe slightest effort, induces the kidto ask questions and with enthusiasmanswers them such personalready made the main thing.


LupanHouse pedagogicsThe books of parents telling about education of thechildren the phenomenon unique, though quite naturalwho knows about desires and abilities betterkid That induces loving mothers and fathersto take up the pen, describing own opening in the familytraining Certainly, love to all children,feeling of empathy with parents, which orhave some difficulties with education,or face a problem for the first time.

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I drew geometrical

I drew geometrical This sacrament was similar to attempts to find treasure, comparing key fragments.

I drew geometrical figures, mysterious images, numbers and phrases.

Then the voice prompted to me to look at the TV screen.

Generally we watch TV quite seldom, but Brian just included it in that moment to learn evening news.

When I looked at the screen, there showed advertizing with a slogan Manage to see the world in a new way See the World in a Whole New Way.

Having looked at the sleeping daughter, I copied this phrase on a sheet of paper and continued records, lying in front of the TV.

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This nickname

This nickname Mischa nicknamed Shanti the small sorcerer it was shortly after all of us together watched the film about Harry Potter.

This nickname very much went to the inquisitive baby with wise which Mischa called eyes planets.

Mischa solemnly handed over to our little girl a marker and spoke Well, wave the magic wand, looking at me the big dark blue worlds, small kollldunya! Even the grandfather Bob agreed that this nickname surprisingly precisely characterizes our baby.

During a dinner our conversation continually came back to a subject of children psychics.

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Children Occupations with children For children of years it is necessary to complicate games.

Children carry out actions at more difficult level.

For example, they string on a core ringlets not only primary colors, but also their light and dark shades.

At this age interest sets of geometrical forms cause, mosaics for a vykladyvaniye of simple patterns, various board games which form an eye estimation, coordination of movements of hands.

Children start to use independently simple desktop and printing games which allow to keep attention playing on interesting and available to a didactic game task, to carry out game actions and to check themselves and others without intervention of the adult it can be various lottos, children's dominoes, games with pictures.

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There is it first

There is it first Therefore the majority of parents of Indigo children come to confusion when to them offer difficult methods of natural treatment of DV and DVGA.

But it still halftroubles.

DVGA deficiency of attention and a hyperactivity.

Besides that owing to reception of medicines Indigo children lose spiritual gifts and the special purpose of the life they gain tendency to the use of drugs.

There is it first of all they aspire to get rid of alarm and concern.

On the other hand, sending the child in a school firstaid post a zadnevny dose , ourselves push it a way.

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