It is possible

It is possible He creeps, moves, adhering for furniture, and starts to go independently.

It is possible that the confidence when walking happens only during those moments when adults hold the kid by a hand.

It seems that the kid never will get tired and some days in a row will go.

If you have a children's tricycle, the kid will be very glad, when you plant it on a seat and will a little take for a drive.

WHAT the NEW OCCURRED ON the th WEEK If you started to work If you started to work out of door, try not to destroy close relations with the kid.

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The adult

The adult The adult explains a task Now I will call toys, and you attentively listen, try to find a toy which I called, and give it to me.

This task can be complicated in the following directions To increase a set of toys beginning from , besides toys to use various subjects; words names of toys can become complicated, be similar on sound to structure in the beginning it is necessary to select toys with simple names, sharply excellent on sound structure; To call any toys and subjects in a room, in distant in all apartment; to change force of a voice to say instruction words in a whisper to increase distance between the child and you; to say words because of a screen.

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To introduce

To introduceAS the CHILD FOR the th WEEK MATUREDThe child well understands that the Child well realizes such good and bad behavior that such bad and good behavior.

It draws to itselfhimself attention of adults good behavior.

The naughty and feeling the guilt child can start to hide from adults.

To introduce amendments in behavior of the child follows only when it is really necessary.

It is not necessary to straighten out the child constantly.

Frequent reproaches in bad behavior quickly become habitual for the kid and lose educational force.

If the child is excessively active From time to time children endure activity peaks.

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And it is concrete

And it is concrete Having mentally grouped a number of fruits, to allocate from them fruits with peel a task difficult.

And on a question where flowers, Grisha first grow answers behind the house, at an arbor, meaning giving on which lives in the summer.

Means, they grow at a dacha And it is concrete at an arbor so, whether that And Grisha specifies generally flowers grow in the wood, on a clearin in park, in to garden.

And it is concrete on a bed, at a fence, along a path.

Specifically we included a word in the use long ago and not casually.

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The same it is possible

The same it is possible Everything that is less than it, has no value.

I speak about great secret, Which cannot be realized mind.

But your heart already knows it.

Listen to it.

Your awakening is connected With awakening of your child.

This same.

The same it is possible to tell concerning the whole world,It is necessary to waken to Only one person,'Guess, who itHaving opened eyes, you find ability to see that was before you and earlier.

Having opened the heart,You find possibility to feel that,That was true always.

We try to teach to think you heart,It is only capable to comprehend the eternal nature of things.

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The fine sense

The fine sense Andersen's swineherd.

The fine sense of this fairy tale is clear only to the adult reader, and all the same it remains charmin surprisingly the graceful fairy tale for children.

They will listen excitedly how lived on light prince.

There was it lonely and wanted to marry.

It sends kapto the carved princess good gifts a rose and a nightingale, then makes magic pot with jingles and a musical graggers.

Magic the pot to us already met the porridge which has filled in all street.

And this still more interestingly you will take a hand over steam, and it becomes known that Grisha ate for a breakfast also that Vanya had for a dinner.

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