School council

School council It would not want to me to come back to the person who shouts at me, and to you Then I with horror observed, how adults stuffed children with a plentiful sweet dessert.

It is sure that in the evening of the boy simply did not know where to put energy.

Under the influence of sugar their sensitive nervous system should force to break them all records on a hyperactivity.

School council of Los Angeles in August, voted for a ban of sale of all aerated drinks and unhealthy food, like chips and popcorn, in school buffets.

Each parent can try to initiate similar measures at any school.

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We invite

We invite Ten years' boys and girls, their fortyyear parents and even grandfathers and grandmothers can be these tutors.

All will study.

For those who after passing of this television course, we will allow threemonths, will want to study further, there is a possibility to become professiothe nalny tutor.

We invite them.

They come to interview.

We look, how they absorbed, absorbed in itself, acquired elements, and the main thin spirit! We feel, how they can cooperate with people, in particular, with children.

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The child

The child The child with a foreign matter in a nose or an ear loses rest and becomes painfully raised.

AS the CHILD FOR the th WEEK MATUREDDEVELOPMENT STAGES ON the th WEEK of Change in the child which you can notice Physical development surely costs, has one foot before another Sense organs and reflexes can scrape on a toy one finger Intellectual development understands simple instructions negatively swings the head if it is not agrees with something studies a subject from all directions, feels tridimentionality of space Social development Each kid does not like to be in limited space is individual and can carry out some actions earlier or later, than it is done by other children.

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But after

But after The simplest to grip a pencil and to strike it on to paper anyhow.

Parents cannot understand, why the child does not understand that to them, to parents, it seems abundantly clear.

But after all even the simplest action can be spread out to elements making it.

And if we want, that the child could execute what we from it demand, first to us it is necessary to achieve from it accurate mastering of each of components.

To lace up a boot, at which holes on on everyone to the party, it is necessary to make small actions.

If you is consecutive will train the child in the separate actions, every time accurately them fixing and passing to the following only after it seized previous, you should not lace up all life to it boots.

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Bees buzzed

Bees buzzedBig branches of a tree expanded over a surface of the earth and gave the chance sprout to herbs.

In a shadow of branches moisture collected and gave the chance to herbs to live.

The tree blossomed.

Thousand small inhabitants of the desert were flied to it.

Birds found shelter in its branches and twisted there nests.

Bees buzzed over its flowers and collected pollen.

The place was all.

From flowers there were apples.

They were poured and gave food and shelter from scorching beams of the sun to those who in the desert.

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If I a cat fly or the book. flies

If I a cat fly or the book. flies Other option of game phrases within defined without visual support.

For example, Who flies, and who does not fly, Edible and inedible, etc.

I will speak the bird flies, the plane flies, de's butterfly of mum etc.

You attentively listen that I speak, because I can incorrectly tell.

If I a cat fly or the book.

flies clap.

More difficult option the correct and wrong phrases of the miscellaneous contents.

Breath development Breath reflex process of continuous change of a breath and an exhalation, in which various bodies participate lungs, bronchial tubes, diaphragm muscles.

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