If it was not possible

If it was not possible The pediatrist can recommend application of strong anesthetizing preparations for reduction of a pain syndrome and stabilization of the general condition.

When involving in inflammatory process of small eggs the pediatrist can recommend application of hormonal preparations, such, as a cortisone.

If it was not possible to prevent disease emergence, it should proceed in usual sequence.

The child should gain the natural immunity protecting it from the subsequent infections with infectious parotitis.

Infectious diseases of the top respiratory ways That this such.

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Since the birth

Since the birth Development of nonverbal hearing Nonverbal physical hearing this catching and differentiation various sounds of world around except sounds of human speech, distinction sounds on loudness, and also definition of a source and the sound direction.

Since the birth of the child surround various sounds noise of a rain, miaow of a cat, beeps of cars, music, human speech.

Small child hears only loud sounds, but auditory acuity quickly amplifies.

At the same time he starts to distinguish sounds on a sounding timbre.

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More often

More often Parents begin to rush about from the teacher to the teacher I from the grandfather left, I from the grandmother left, from you, gray wolf.

It is good still if is where to be thrown.

They look for that, who will wave a magic wand and there will be a miracle the child will start talking.

But the miracle does not occur.

More often parents hear fatal, killing any hope a word we do not train.

What after all to do With what to begin Though it is bad, and late, but it already starts to speak itself, and everything understands why he is not trainee So than to be guided What books And if started to speak, and then became silent And if to it already and it even the name not As with all this to consult First of all to be reserved by patience.

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If notice

If notice It will prevent to take away from you a spoon while you bring it to a mouth of the child! Every week enter mashed potatoes from new vegetable or fruit.

If notice allergic reaction to any product, immediately stop to give it to the kid.

Offer the child tablespoons for one feedin daily on twice a day.

Over time increase quantity of mashed potatoes to tablespoons for one feeding.

If the child does not like any dish, postpone its introduction for some days, and then offer it again.

At refusal of a new dish return to old, and then begin all over again.

Choice of juice.

Choosing juice for the child, prefer the juice containing big of vitamin C.

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For whatever

For whatever The nature enclosed in plants mysterious energy of growth.

Exclude the word when from the lexicon! When will come itself, and its approach entirely depends on that you do today, now, at present.

For whatever the heroic effort was made by the teacher, as though it was it is diligent and talented – without the most active parental help to it not to consult.

All skills demanding an operating time of automatism, need in to persistent trainin and if your child only two times a week at a lesson fulfills a pronunciation of sounds, syllables, words, good result it is possible and not to wait.

Everything that becomes occasionally, does not leave strong traces.

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Check degree

Check degree It can hold in each hand in a subject.

If there is a desire to take the third toy, the kid tries to make it a mouth.

Check degree of a tension of seat belts of a children's automobile seat.

The child grew up, therefore it can be necessary to increase length of belts.

Regularly examine a condition of a children's automobile seat and degree of a tension of seat belts.

During walking the kid can bear a toy.

It seems to the child that the toy from which it goes to travel, can support to it.

At this stage of walking there are difficulties in overcoming of corners and in a stop during movement.

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