But it will

But it willAs we are often similar to the child when it, having fastenedto cat the bow, treats it to a pear, the carat let's have a look tinka also is surprised that the scoundrel wants tactfully uliz or, having despaired, will scratch!On a visit the child would like to look, as otkrythe box which costs on a podzerkalnik, and that is howledthere shines in a corner, and whether is in the big book of the picture,it would be desirable to catch a goldfish and to eat it is a lot ofchocolates.

But it will give out nothing the desires, after allit is ugly.

Let's go home hurries badly brought up rebenok.

To it promised an entertainment tags, fireworks, performance,he waited and was disappointed.

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The organism

The organism It should be noted that during pregnancy the child chose a large number of minerals from a parent organism.

Many women in the last trimester have problems with bones, especially pelvic area.

The organism lost a lot of calcium.

Doctors do not advise it to fill up, as it is considered that the skull of the child early becomes rigid and it will be difficult to it to pass through patrimonial ways.

Now for production of milk calcium is necessary in big doses.

There is a lot of it in sea fish, cottage cheese and dairy products.

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Means, children

Means, children Smallthe seller of newspapers or the errand boy rush with might and mainonly first quickly learn to measure efforts, races kladyvy them for the whole day.

The child does not play dolls,to which should nurse the baby; on the contrary, runsfrom an unpleasant duty.

Means, children do not like to work Work of children of poor peopleit is utilitarian, does not bring up, it is not calculated on their forces individual tendencies.

It would be ridiculous vyda life of poor children for an example for imitationand here boredom, winter boredom of a close hovel and summer yard or roadside ditch, boredom only and otherto form.

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We read together

We read together We read together Joint reading is a remarkable way of training of the child and rapprochement with it.

During reading you show language rhythms and intonations.

At the same time when reading you are in th WEEKDEVELOPMENT STAGES ON the th WEEK of Change in the child which you can notice Physical development lying on a back, grasps own feet and plays with them Sense organs and reflexes Intellectual development easily copes with subjects and toys shows various emotions, such as satisfaction, the discontent, sometimes even shows character can show sharp temper Social development babbles with pleasure turns the head aside, from where hears the name Each kid it is individual and can carry out some actions earlier or later, than it is done by other children.

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