Ran on a path

Ran on a path Present that you have beautiful yellow boots.

Let's put on boots! show, how it is possible to simulate movements of putting on of boots All allocate boots well ! And now listen attentively and repeat for me movements.

Ran on a path Yellow boots.

Yellow boots At kids on legs.

easy run Our legs were tired, Ran on a path.

Let's stroke our legs easy poglazhivaniye of feet palms Also we will have a rest a little bit.

quietly to lay down on a back and to have a rest Hlopyshlyopy Purpose development of imitation movements of hands of the adult; training to ability quickly to be switched from one movement to another; development of understanding of speech.

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When we will

When we will But it depends already on behavior of the person in this process – naskolto it to it does not resist, understands and participates in it all the forces.

In my opinion, an exit from physical contact in contact virtual and egoistical, and then transformation egoistical virtual the game a step in altruistic, integrated, will lead us to absolutely other condition.

When we will really gradually lose feeling nezhivy, vegetative fauna and we will pass to a condition where all will define energy, information, our thoughts and desires, and at all comfort of my animal body.

It is the following stage of development of mankind.

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At emergence

At emergence Contact the pediatrist for obtaining recommendations.

Call the doctor.

Call the doctor if your child has symptoms of a burn, even the minimum.

The pediatrist will tell about the correct care of the damaged surface of skin.

If on skin of the kid there were the bubbles filled with liquid, or signs of infection of the burned surface, contact the doctor immediately.

Degree of a burn dictates approaches to its treatment.

At emergence of heavy burns serious treatment in burn office of children's hospital or in the burn center is required.

Operation on skin transplantation can be demanded.

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Scientists declared

Scientists declaredP.

TyulenevEarlier than to go.

The second half of the XX century time surprisingopening which allow to make practicallyany ordinary child especially developed and presented.

Scientists declared that possibilitiesthan children is much wider, than it is considered to be.

Howeverthese statements seemed too exaggerated.

And now opponents of such approach doubtin that ripened need in sointensive development, besides, opponents speak,this system exists quite recently and to speakabout results still very much early.

Nevertheless some researchers continueto argue that in each child the original is latenttalent.

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Such people

Such people From people with a patching right hemisphere fine writers and speakers turn out if only they manage to learn to express verbally the fancies and strong feelings.

The left hemisphere is more soriyentirovano for work with words.

The person with prevalence of the left hemisphere differs knacks for grammar and work with a word.

Such people are usually organized and implicitly follow indications of the administration even welcome them!.

The person with prevalence of the right hemisphere is intuitive, it follows only to the benevolent management and only if trusts the head and understands his motives and the purpose.

It is trained through visions, preferring schedules, schemes, slides and other visual aids to lectures and articles of textbooks.

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