In notI know

In notI knowIn I do not know for a science protogenic chaos, rozhdescientific research institute of the new thoughts which are more and more close to truth.

In notI know for the mind which has not been tempted in scientific thinking painful emptiness.

I want to teach to understand and love this marvelous, fulllife and the brightest surprises the creative I do not knowmodern science about the child.

I want, that understood any book, any doctorwill not replace own sharpsighted thought and attentivesupervision.

It is often possible to meet opinion that motherhood obla the woman that only as mother it ripensspiritually.

Yes, the motherhood puts fiery letters in , the parties covering all external and internally the world, but they can and be not noticed, cowardly to removein the far future or to be indignant that it is impossible to buy themdecision.


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