Here it is even

Here it is evenEncyclopedic knowledgeSome weeks later or months after the beginningtraining to reading and the account the constructed is added MOST POPULAR TECHNIQUES OF EDUCATIONsimilar to the program on encyclopedic knowledge.

Series of cards include knowledge from the variousscience areas.

Here it is even not important, that the childremembered a large number of information, after all,buying the encyclopedia, we too do not read itfrom cover to cover.

Studyin the kid develops the brain, analyzesobjects, and also as the real scientist, does conclusionsalso finds regularities.

Lessons do not borrowit is a lot of time, though demand organization.

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In notI know

In notI knowIn I do not know for a science protogenic chaos, rozhdescientific research institute of the new thoughts which are more and more close to truth.

In notI know for the mind which has not been tempted in scientific thinking painful emptiness.

I want to teach to understand and love this marvelous, fulllife and the brightest surprises the creative I do not knowmodern science about the child.

I want, that understood any book, any doctorwill not replace own sharpsighted thought and attentivesupervision.

It is often possible to meet opinion that motherhood obla the woman that only as mother it ripensspiritually.

Yes, the motherhood puts fiery letters in , the parties covering all external and internally the world, but they can and be not noticed, cowardly to removein the far future or to be indignant that it is impossible to buy themdecision.

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Thus, if the child

Thus, if the child Or it is for a start simple to show, how it is possible to play, zadey other participant the child or the adult that the kid received possibility to observe game from outside.

When the child will learn to play this game, it is possible to suggest to exchange roles.

Thus, if the child yet does not use active speech, the adult can to make comments on a game course, even in that case when the child manages an active role.

Tritatushki three thatthat! Purpose development of emotional communication of the child with the adult, adjustment contact.

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They and in life

They and in life – The most widespread parental ban is a ban on kompyyuterny games browsers.

They are played by one child or some children.

In such game it is necessary to overcome different obstacles to pass from level to level.

Parents consider that it is harmful game and forbid it.

It really harmful Also that in it it is harmful – I see that children very much aspire to such games.

They and in life everything vre creep, jump, something overcome, somewhere clamber.

It is useful for their physical development.

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From here

From hereAspiring to unanimity of views on the child, someconsider it as an organism quickly getting tired.

From here big need for a dream, weak soprotivlyaebridge to diseases, vulnerability of bodies, the small mentalendurance.

The look is correct and not for all stagesdevelopments.

The child happens alternately that stron baud eye and cheerful, weak, tired and gloomy.

If he falls ill during the critical period, we are inclinedto think that its organism was already undermined by an illness; II consider that the illness developed because of the fleetingeasing that or it hid and waited mostfavorable conditions for attack, or, casuallybrought from the outside, , without having met soprotivleniye.

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